Science provides an empirical way of answering interesting and important questions about the biological, physical and technological world. Scientific knowledge is contestable and is revised, refined and extended as new evidence arises or existing evidence is re-conceptualised. The study of Science is a collaborative, creative endeavour. As students actively engage in the processes of Working Scientifically, they gain an increased appreciation and understanding of the importance of science in their own lives and society, locally and globally.

Students use scientific inquiry to develop their understanding of ideas and concepts based on scientific evidence. Each unit of learning is placed within a clear, real world context and broken down into a series of inquiry questions which students work through.

At John Therry students learn science from year 7 - 10. For year 11 and 12 students can choose to study Biology (2 Unit), Chemistry (2 Unit), Investigating Science (2 Unit) and Physics (2 Unit). Students who are excelling in their year 11 Sciences can pick up Science Extension (1 Unit) for year 12 where they complete an individual research project.