At John Therry Catholic College all students are encouraged to do their personal best. As an extrinsic way to reward the efforts of students we have a level system in place that is based on the merit award system. 

Merit awards are issued in the following areas:

  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Academic
  • Sporting
  • College Life

When a student accumulates merits, they can be awarded a

  • Year Coordinator’s Award (awarded at a Year assembly),
  • Assistant Principal’s Award (awarded at a College assembly and movement to Silver level)
  • Principal’s Award (awarded at the College assembly with a Gold Card and movement to Gold level) 
  • John Therry Medal (awarded to students who achieve two Gold Level Certificates)

The merit system is linked to the points system which is also house based. Students receive merits and negative incident records through Compass.  These are available to view by parents in the child’s profile in Compass.

All Catholic Colleges are founded on the person of Jesus Christ. John Therry is guided by Gospel values and shares the evangelising mission of the Church. Catholic Colleges give witness to this by their actions and by placing faith development in the context of everyday life and culture. The Pastoral Care program has the responsibility to develop the whole person. Pastoral Care at John Therry is the unifying focus for the spiritual, academic, social and emotional aspects of College life.


Every student as a member of the John Therry Catholic College community contributes to the College’s reputation and standing in the community by ensuring that their words and actions are always consistent with the values and standards espoused by the college and the Catholic Church. 

  • Full participation in Religious and Liturgical events, retreats and camps is compulsory.
  • Students are to wear the full College uniform correctly at all times

Relationships at John Therry Catholic College are built on the Marist Values where students are expected to show care and respect to all members of the College community. Every student is to strive for his or her personal best in all aspects of College life and encourage and support others to also achieve success and demonstrate “John Therry PRIDE”.

Students are expected to adhere to all College and system policies and procedures related to student management.


Negative Compass entries are used by staff to indicate a particular area of concern, failure to complete, non-serious attempts or lack of compliance in the following examples:

  • homework, classwork, assessments
  • classroom behaviour, uniform, punctuality
  • playground behaviour
  • equipment


A student on AQUA level is referred to the KLA/Year Coordinator for additional support.

A student on VIOLET level is referred to the Year Coordinator for learning and/or behaviour support.

A student on PURPLE level is referred to the Pastoral Care Coordinator for further behaviour intervention.

A student on ORANGE level is referred to the Pastoral Care Coordinator and/ or Assistant Principal for significant behaviour intervention.

Students at PURPLE or ORANGE level may not represent the College at sporting or extra-curricular activities and may be excluded from other College based events at the discretion of the Pastoral Care Coordinator, Assistant Principal or Principal.